Photo: Leander Rumo


Carte Blanche – Marcus Weiss

Ensemble neuverBand, Basel, Switzerland

From a traditional orchestral point of view, the saxophone occupies a space between the woodwinds and brass; but given the wide range of sounds and tonal structures we know of this instrument today, it is a wandering soul in the context of contemporary chamber ensemble works, harmonizing well with percussion, piano and plucked strings, yet also capable of exerting its own identity. This instrument’s wide range of tonal potential is especially due to Marcus Weiss. As a soloist he has worked with various European orchestras and contemporary music ensembles, while as a teacher he has made Basel a saxophone Mecca, attracting the most talented young performers of this instrument from all over the world.
In March 2020 the ensemble neuverBand invites Marcus Weiss not only as soloist but also as curator for the concert program. Three works will be performed, each representing a particular style and belonging to a different generation. The world premiere of Tobias Krebs’s (*1993) work for saxophone and chamber ensemble will feature in the program, alongside the Swiss premiere of Gerard Pesson’s (*1958) Blanc Merité and Franco Donatoni’s (1927-2000) Hot

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