Photo: Zu Kalinowska & Julian Moser


Two Faced

Zafraan Ensemble, Berlin, Germany

Two Faced presents ensemble, singer, fixed media, live electronics and video in various approaches to the elements that form our physical and mental make-up. The project describes the duality of emotional experiences and forms of expression between free will and compulsion. Initially, Professor Bad Trip by Fausto Romitelli attracts us with hypnotic tonal spectrums between protest and reticence, hardness and softness. Also forming a magma of sounds, shapes and colors is Sarah Nemtsov’s Seven Colors. Emotionality and analysis destroy, support and merge into one another, darkening and reinforcing singular expressions to form a new creature with which the audience is confronted. In contemporary response the premiere of Misha Cvijović’s new composition Emotional Logic directs the focus on the consequences of the isolation of the ensemble. After this it looks at how this phase influences the individual members as people and musicians.
The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is facilitating the concert in Berlin.

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