Photo: Eunoia Quintett



Eunoia Quintett, Heidelberg, Germany

What does it mean for us and our bonds with others and ourselves when every musician is working from home playing in front of the small screen? What does it mean when the proportions of our communication shift?

Helga Arias will be composing for this Plugged-In evening care of the Eunoia Quintet and is planning to incorporate in it her experiences from this period of corona pandemic. Distance and proximity, alienation and solidarity. Arising here is an interplay of individual, isolated people who appear connected by technology as an illumination of this unreal bond. This concert format is expanded tonally and shifted by electronics into other dimensions. Setting, light and video provide a theatrical space which collates the aesthetically varied pieces or allows them to appear as different scenes of an entire picture. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is facilitating the concert series.

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