Photo: Ensemble Extrakte


Dulab-al-Taj. Corona Rondo

Ensemble Extrakte, Berlin, Germany

Dulab is an Arab variation of the rondo form – a relatively short sequence of music easy to recognize as a refrain is played jointly in an ensemble to then give way to a longer solo. Unlike the rondo the short melody is not simply repeated but varied each time afresh. The solo interspersed with it promenades in the circle of the ensemble just like the variation of the Dulab refrain. Ensemble member Farhab Sabbagh is composing a Dulab especially for this project that is to frame the individual musicians’ solos.

The basic idea is simple: each musician will be filmed in contexts that constitute their musical “home”, their favorite venue in Berlin – their own rehearsal space, a concert hall, a park meadow, a café, a bookshop, a bridge arch, a church, a courtyard. Every musician passes on the solo to the next musician like a gift. This gives rise to very personal musical responses and relationships. The edit of the fourteen recordings is streamed and facilitated by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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