Photo: Younggoo Chang


Ears Don’t Need Masks!

hand werk, Cologne, Germany

Concert life is slowly reawakening although musicians have become more cautious due to the events of the last few months. For this reason, it is important to carry on under ever-changing circumstances, discovering new ways and picking up on forgotten paths.

2013 saw hand werk realize the project unter 4 ohren where the musicians performed one-on-one solo pieces in different chambers for one sole listener in each case. This idea is now being revisited and further developed: the musicians will prepare short solo pieces from which the spectators can choose one in each case. In addition to the solo pieces hand werk will embark upon an online improvisation with musicians not living in Cologne. This means in the period of reflection – on themselves, their immediate surroundings and the music scene in the city of Cologne – hand werk can to a certain extent maintain its links with the artistic outside world and present the Cologne concert audience a slice of this. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is facilitating the project “Ohren brauchen keine Masken” (Ears Don’t Need Masks).

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