Photo: Anja Weber


ES und Anderes / ES and Others

ensemble mosaik, Berlin, Germany

ensemble mosaik will be expanding Clemens Gadenstätter's composition ES within a space-invading concert installation into the full-length project ES and Others: semi-transparent projection surfaces with light and video will create a complex and variable spatiality staged together with musicians and electronic sound sources. Alongside ES, further compositions and excerpts from compositions by Clemens Gadenstätter will be incorporated.

Like an alien, language enters music and provides the basis for all musical decisions. The music analyzes this alien so as to dissolve it and turn it into a raw material for sound work – by tapping into body memories triggered by the text (embodied perceptions) and weak synesthesias. The music becomes speaking, even screaming and whispering, developing these tactilities into fields of shimmering, ambiguous sound haptics. The central processing technique of atomizing, decomposing, transilluminating not only impacts inner-sound processes, but also spatial concepts by means of electronic processing. The music embarks on a journey through the spaces inscribed within it and connects to language and film on a different level, which thereby become delimitations of the musical level.

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