Photo: Dietmar M. Saxler



Catholic Parish of St. Aposteln, Cologne, Germany

2021 sees Cologne Basilica St. Aposteln celebrate its one thousandth anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Ambient Festival has initiated the multimodal sound installation GLOCKENBUCH [21/1000 APOSTELN] by Marcus Schmickler. The installation will be premiered with seven brass players from the ensemble Musikfabrik, via 21 outdoor loudspeakers in the center of Cologne, and will feature five additional musicians. The musical starting point of the composition is the sound characteristics of the church’s seven bells. Their spectral properties serve the composer as sound material. By means of a computer-based process, the partial tones of the seven bells are transformed electronically and acoustically and then arranged both in electronic music and for seven brass instruments. GLOCKENBUCH [21/1000 APOSTELN] is made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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