Photo: Nicolas Rupcich


Kommas Revolte – Schlag_Zwei

Kommas Ensemble Cologne, Germany

In South America, a culture still prevails today where the creative artistic activity of women is prevented, ignored or underestimated. Gender equality and feminism are a fundamental part of the social movements currently developing in South America. Large rallies, organized feminist initiatives, such as the Chilean feminist group’s performance “The rapist is you!” or the slogan “The revolution will be feminist or it won't happen at all!”, impressively demonstrate an awakening.

For SCHLAG_ZWEI of the REVOLTE cycle, Kommas Ensemble focuses on the works of South American female composers. The program consists of two existing works: one by Catalina Peralta (1963, Colombia), who exemplifies the first generation of female composers with a lasting artistic influence in her country, and a work by the young composer María Laura Disandro (1985, Argentina). In addition, composition commissions have been issued to Angeles Rojas (1988, Argentina) and Macarena Rosmanich (1981, Chile), among others, whose new compositions will reflect on the social problems of the region. The two concerts of SCHLAG_ZWEI will be held in Cologne in October 2021 and are made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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