Photo: Sebastian Berger


The Magic Moment

Neue Vocalsolisten, Stuttgart, Germany

Only “the magic moment” of a performance may really convey the aura of a piece of work. Through the experience of having a work reflected by the distanced and, at the same time, empathetic ears of attentive listeners a depth of reflection can be achieved that would not be possible without this “distance of external listening”. But can we actually still perceive the magical moment with our digitally conditioned senses? The debate about the role of the musicians caught between performance and choral acrobatics and the questions as to the magic of a concert are at the core of this concert series. To the yearned-for distance in analog listening and the unquestioned lack of distance in digital perception now comes the bitterly prescribed distance. What is missing is the concert as a venue for a common perception.

The Neue Vocalisten invite the composers, performers and concept artists Andreas Frank, Raed Yassin and Yiran Zhao to develop Covid-compatible projects combining finesse and concentrated perception. Arising in the collaborative process with the singers are experimental formats that create with empathic and immersive elements a sense of proximity in distance. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is facilitating the concert series.

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