Photo: Herrenhaus Edenkoben


New Chamber Music in Edenkoben

Trägerverein Herrenhaus Edenkoben, Germany

Herrenhaus Edenkoben is one of the few institutions run without any state support which, in addition to contemporary fine arts and literature, also promotes the elaboration and realization of compositions. Since 1997, five-month scholarships have been awarded to artists in each of these three categories. In addition to the scholarship, the artists are also given the opportunity to present their work elsewhere.

In the first half of 2020 and 2021, the composition commissions will be awarded to Stylianos Dimou and Kathrin Denner respectively, who will benefit particularly from collaboration with lecturers and instrumentalists of the IEMA ensemble on performance practice, after the ensemble, newly formed on each occasion, has met here. Their works will be performed each September by the IEMA ensemble as part of the final concerts marking the end of the academic year.

Michael Pelzel and Alex Nante have been nominated for the second half of each year. Their works will be performed in concerts on site featuring established instrumentalists such as the pianist Nicolas Hodges or the JACK Quartet.

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