Photo: Tomoko Hidaki


Portrait Philippe Manoury

Casa da Música Foundation, Porto, Portugal

Philippe Manoury is considered one of the most important French composers and is a researcher and pioneer in the field of music with live electronics. Despite his intensive training as a pianist and composer (among others studying under Schönberg’s pupil Max Deutsch as well as Gérard Condé, Michel Philippot and Ivo Malec), he sees himself as an autodidact: “Composition must be born out of an inner longing and does not require a baggage of preconditions”. In 2020, the Casa da Música in Porto will be focusing on France, inviting the artist as composer-in-residence and dedicating several concerts to him. Together with the musicians, Philippe Manoury will develop a form of interaction that will bring eight of his works from chamber music, choral and orchestral literature to the Casa da Música. Composers such as Peter Rundel, Baldur Brönnimann, Emilio Pomàrico and Brad Lubman will meet various soloists and in-house ensembles such as the Orquestra Sinfónica, Remix Ensemble and Coro Casa da Música.

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