Photo: Franz Kimmel


10th Anniversary of Ensemble Zeitsprung – Anniversary Concerts

Ensemble Zeitsprung e. V., Munich, Germany


On its 10th birthday Munich Ensemble Zeitsprung has selected two venues and two programs that could not be more different.
The Black Box im Gasteig venue will premiere a work by Johannes X. Schachtner. As 2016 Artist in Residence Ensemble Schachtner made possible a close, long-term collaboration with the musicians for their new works that will reach their apex with the premiere marking the ensemble’s anniversary. The new work will be joined by György Ligeti’s chamber concerto and the Vier japanischen Miniaturen (Four Japanese Miniatures) by Volker Nickel.
In the rather relaxed club setting of the Ampere im Muffatwerk venue works by Leopold Hurt and Huang Ruo will be performed. In Erratischer Block Hurt combines elements of Bavarian folk music with electronics and his microtonally tuned zither. The Chinese-American composer Huang Ruo was inspired in his To the Four Corners by a Chinese drama. A subsequent after-show party will feature musical accompaniment from the Third Kind Trio with Felix Key Weber from Ensemble Zeitsprung.
The EvS Music Foundation will be supporting both anniversary concerts.


October 9 and 10,, 2016


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