30th International Weingarten Music Festival for New Music 2015

The International Weingarten Festival for New Music will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015. The festival is held every year over a weekend in fall and each time is dedicated to a present day composer who attends the festival and presents their work in numerous and varied events. There is an opportunity to enter into discussion with the composer about their musical creativity presented in Weingarten as well as about their composition methods and approach to music. The work of pupils and students during the spoken word concert primarily focalizing questions of interpretation is a fixed component of this small but highly regarded festival. 

This year Wolfgang Rihm forms the focal point. His Vigilia will be performed at Weingarten Basilica by Singer Pur and the Ensemble Modern – in every respect a highlight of contemporary music. At the spoken word concert on the Saturday an instructor of music will work with students and pupils on selected works. In another concert Quatuor Danel, Thorsten Johanns (clarinet) and Bruno Schneider (horn) will perform ensemble works by Rihm that are representative of his creativity, including the new composition "Sextett". Forming a further highlight of the festival on the Sunday will be the performance of three key string quartets by Quatour Danel.

November 6 – 8, 2015
Weingarten, Germany

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