Baden-Baden celebrates Pierre Boulez

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Baden-Baden is celebrating Pierre Boulez: on his 90th birthday the city is honoring one of the most important composers of the present day, conductor, world renowned teacher and elective resident of Baden-Baden. As a young man he wanted to blow up all the opera houses – well, in his mind anyway. He later blasted away all real prejudices when he, for example, “corrected” incorrect tempi when conducting Wagner’s Ring. Over three concerts the Festival Hall will present an overview of Boulez’ compositional creations for both large orchestra and small ensembles. The musicians performing are all friends and musical companions of Boulez. With a touch of humor the Festival Hall also honors the great man’s errors and undertakes to tackle Boulez’ ideas on city planning – in the form of the famous performance by Loriot …


January 18, 2015
Baden-Baden Festival Hall

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