A Big Band and its Repercussions – A “Long Day” celebrating the 80th Birthday of Vinko Globokar

Together with soloist ensemble PHOENIX16, the Slowind Wind Quintet and the Polytonic Big Band ensemble unitedberlin is organizing a concert in honor of the trombonist , improviser, jazzman, performer, conductor and obviously also composer Vinko Globokar, who has just celebrated his 80th birthday.
The tribute shows – under the baton of the honored conductor himself – a broad spectrum of his creativity: from his largely unknown and unexplored activity as a young jazz trombonist and composer in Slovenian Broadcasting’s Big Band, as an improvising performer in the New Phonic Art ensemble through to the composer and performer as he is known and loved today. “With Vinko Globokar,” explains Andreas Bräutigam from ensemble unitedberlin “it is never about his Life and Work but about his Life in Work, as it were: about music as a retrospective on life phases, about music as an image of life becoming and passing and as a questioning of extreme situations of existence.”


June 21, 2015
Villa Elisabeth, Berlin, Germany

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