Boulangerie – Concert Series in Hamburg and Berlin

Freunde der Boulangerie e. V., Berlin, Germany


Now in it its fifth year already, the Boulangerie series combines the concert and salon with each other and builds a bridge between the traditional chamber music repertoire and the music of the present day. Each event is dedicated to one composer who is present during the concert and who speaks with the Boulanger Trio about his work – centerstage here is not the musicological analysis of the works but a personal conversation about music. The audience is also to be given the opportunity to exchange ideas with the composer and musicians.
For the 2nd half of the year the Boulanger Trio has invited David Philip Hefti and Magnus Lindberg. A concert featuring each of the two guests will be held at Radialsystem V and Resonanzraum / Medienbunker St. Pauli, each supported by the EvS Music Foundation.


September 17 and November 5, 2016
Radialsystem Berlin


September 18 and November 6, 2016
Resonanzraum Hamburg


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