Corvus corax / vayasa | Musical Theater by Irene Galindo Quero

Aleph Gitarrenquartett, Tübingen, Germany

The musical theater corvus corax / vayasa by the young Spanish composer Irene Galindo Quero is primarily based on the text manuscrito cuervo by the writer Max Aub, who lived in Germany, France, Spain and lastly in exile in Mexico: in this work Jacobo the Raven writes a story about the human species in the French concentration camp Vernet d'Ariege (where Max Aub was himself imprisoned). The observer is himself observed and in a certain way the raven as a species, and specifically this Raven Jacobo, prompts us to alter our perception and better recognize/understand ourselves.  However, here other literary and artistic sources play a role, which all have something in common: the shape of the raven as a human projection of the uncanny. corvus corax will be performed  jointly by Ensemble SMASH (Spain) and the Aleph Guitar Quartet (Germany) in Madrid, Salamanca, San Sebastián and Karlsruhe as from June 2015.


June-December 2015
Teatro del Canal, Madrid, University of Salamanca, N.N, San Sebastián, Spain
ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

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