Photo: Manu Theobald


Helmut Lachenmann: Portrait Concerts in Tokyo and Kyoto

Kanatanokoe, Kyoto, Japan


Even in Japan Helmut Lachenmann is one of the most popular and most highly admired composers of our day. He is not short of commissions for compositions in Japan and his music can be heard at countless concerts. Nevertheless, many key works are neglected. Lachenmann’s 80th birthday last year, which attracted attention throughout the world, actually found no echo in Japan of all places. Ensemble Kanatanokoe, at home in Kyoto, would like to address these shortfalls: the portrait concerts, including the Japanese premiere of Got Lost, will be supported by the EvS Music Foundation. Open rehearsals and workshops are aimed at promoting an overall understanding of Lachenmann’s music as well as of contemporary music. A conscious decision was made to hold the rehearsals as well as one of the concerts in Kyoto to set a counterpoint to the metropolis of Tokyo in a strongly centralized Japan.


July 14, 2016
Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall


July 25, 2016
Goethe Institut, Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto