Portrait Harrison Birtwistle

Fundação Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal


The portrait concert series on Sir Harrison Birtwistle would like to convey an as wide as possible impression of the music of the great composer and therefore stage as many genres of his musical composition as possible. The organizers have selected a total of seven pieces of work with the composer. The EvS Music Foundation will be supporting the portrait series. Birtwistle, who is also Composer in Residence at the Casa da Música in 2017, will, as much as possible, be present during the rehearsal stage to be able to work intensively with musicians. The rehearsals will be accompanied by workshops – thereby giving musicians as well as interested listeners a deep insight into Harrison Birtwistle’s musical spectrum of ideas.


January 20-22, March 11/12, April 29/30, October 10, November 5, 2017
Casa da Música, Porto


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