Photo: Kindermuseum München


“Hast du Töne?” (Do You Have Tones?)

Kindermuseum München, Germany

Munich’s Children’s Museum Kindermuseum München is to host an interactive exhibition for children and young people to arouse their interest in, and enjoyment of, musical instruments. A wide range of original string and percussion instruments will be available to touch, try out and play. Through this personal sensual experience visitors are given an easy entree and often their first experience of a musical instrument. With material suitable for this age group the exhibition uses many exciting interactive display stations to convey how sound creates vibrations in the air, reaches our ears and generates an impact within us. By plucking, hitting, blowing or strumming the children can make sounds using various objects, hear tones and explore the different aspects of sound.
The new heart of the exhibition is a sound workshop. Every child can explore sounds using varied materials and instruments. Afterwards there is an opportunity for visitors to make music, on their own or together, using conventional or self-made instruments. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is facilitating the exhibition at Kindermuseum München.

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