Photo: Richard Stöhr


klangfest musik für kinder – excitingly different

KinderKinder, Hamburg, Germany

The klangfest festival is a beacon for New Music, jazz and experimental music for children that radiates beyond Hamburg’s city limits. Invitations and offerings for national and international audiences are a matter of course. Kampnagel is an ideal venue for the sound festival: its special atmosphere, different halls, foyers and outdoor space, the neighboring cinema and the day-care center on the premises all form part of the festival. KinderKinder travel to festivals internationally selecting the best acts to feature in Hamburg. KinderKinder often manages to keep the young audience completely focused, completely in the music. Quality is the most important prerequisite for this. Great importance is also attached to finding musicians who can communicate with the children and do not just stare at their instrument or notes. KinderKinder also like to push the limits of what is possible, and it is amazing how attentively children listen to New Music. What is special about KinderKinder is that the children are not underchallenged and bored with childish things, but not overchallenged either – for instance, with pieces that are too long. Furthermore, reception and action alternate here. In addition to the guest performances there are also the festival’s own productions – this year, Brüte with music by Sven Kacirek and Diana Syrse and Trialog with music by Samuel Penderbayne. Part of the festival’s tried and tested concept is that the children can also get involved themselves. So numerous sound installations can be freely played, various musical instruments can be tried out (with instruction) and many stage productions thrive on interaction with the children.

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