Photo: Ensemble Garage


Track 'n Trail

Ensemble Garage, Köln, Germany

Ensemble Garage along with the two video artists Andreas Huck and Roland Nebe will be highlighting four pieces that exemplify Ensemble Garage’s repertoire: Staahaadler Affenstall by Oxana Omelchuk, Pancrace Royer by Matthias Kranebitter, Brigitta Muntendorf’s as present as possible TWO and Michael Beil’s Caravan.

However, how sustainable is the production of music videos at a time of rapidly growing data streams? How public is the Internet? And how do you create real encounters with an artists’ collective through video recording?

The release of the music videos is to coincide with the fourth concert in this Cologne series focusing on Internet and media critique. In each of four walk-in boxes designed for individuals one of the four productions will be presented. After the concert, the boxes will be set up as installations in the public space. In cooperation with the City of Cologne public spaces are to be leveraged and the work of the ensemble is to be made accessible to a wider audience. The pop-up concert experience is being facilitated by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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