Quartetto Maurice


aDevantgarde Festival 2019

aDevantgarde e.V., Munich, Germany


“Drunter/Drüber” (Under/Over) is the motto of the 15th aDevantgarde festival, to be held in Munich in 2019. Here the various concerts sound out tensions between tradition and modernity, classics and the present day, distance and proximity. The festival sees itself as a collective music event, with various concert organizers designing a program that takes the audience on a journey through the most disparate of musical forms: from a JAM/electro-Munich Chamber Orchestra mashup to guest ensembles like Quartetto Maurice, from poets and authors from the Bavarian Soviet Republic through to modern folk music a wide-ranging and diverse concert program is on offer. For instance, JAM - Orchestra +: “JAM” sees itself less as a thematic and more as an aesthetic concept. Contemporary, classical composition is extended in a targeted way by means of a contemporary and popular sense of sound (electronics, sampling, performance). Composers are commissioned who are aesthetically rooted in both worlds and who are able to weave both areas into a “classical” form suitable for concert performance.

As part of the festival a concert will also be held to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bavarian Soviet Republic. After the November Revolution of 1918 and the assassination of the Socialist State Premier Kurt Eisner in February 1919 an environment emerged for some involved where their artistic and intellectual ideas were able to blend excitingly with their political ones. A not inconsiderable number of these individuals paid for this dovetailing of art and politics with their lives. The “commemoration” of this event as part of the concert picks up on this aspect, more specifically from the point of view of the mindset and actions of key protagonists of the Bavarian Soviet Republic: their visions, their blurring of borderlines, their failures.


May 28, 2019
Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste, Munich, Germany

Mid-April/Early May and May 30, 2019
Schwere Reiter, Munich, Germany


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