Stockhausen 1967 at the time he composed HYMNEN 
Studio für Elektronische Musik, Cologne
(Photo Werner Scholz, Archiv Stockhausen-Foundation for Music)


aus LICHT, Karlheinz Stockhausen | Holland Festival 2019

Stichting aus LICHT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“aus LICHT” is a selection from LICHT, Die sieben Tage der Woche, the magnum opus of German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007). “LICHT” – a cycle of seven operas, one for each day of the week – will be synthesized into a performance of a total of ten hours of live music and five hours of electronic music completed on three consecutive evenings in Amsterdam at the fabulous Gashouder venue. The initiating partners, which include Stockhausen’s heirs, have created a concept in which the music of “LICHT” is presented in its full scope and will be presented in a mise-en-espace by world-renowned opera director Pierre Audi. “aus LICHT” will give the audience a spectacular experience, featuring the full palette of expression for which Stockhausen was known . Never before has such a substantial part (over half the total cycle) of “LICHT” been performed as a musical and dramaturgical unit. The staging of “aus LICHT” will therefore be an event of historic proportions. The event will give the public a unique opportunity to experience a musical universe created by one of the most important contemporary composers. Stockhausen devoted more than thirty years to the cycle, together with a small team of singers, instrumentalists and sound engineers. The creation of “aus LICHT” is a chance for a new generation of musicians to reimagine this monumental work by an innovative, creative and visionary composer. This three-day marathon of 15 hours of music is a joint production of the Dutch National Opera, Holland Festival and Royal Conservatoire in collaboration with the Stockhausen-Stiftung für Musik. A program of lectures, introductions, electronic music parties and other activities is being organized in conjunction with “aus LICHT”.


May 31, 2019
June 1 & 2, 2019
June 4–6, 2019
June 8–10, 2019
Gashouder, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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