come together – rainy days

Philharmonie Luxembourg

rainy days is the annual contemporary music festival of the Luxembourg Philharmonic in existence since 2005. With an aesthetically diverse program, it forms the center of contemporary music in the Saar/Lor/Lux region.

Entitled "come together" the 16th festival year is dedicated to encounters in the most diverse forms. In view of the strong polarization seen in western societies where difference is increasingly perceived as a threat and where people are increasingly withdrawing into small "bubbles", encounters are gaining decisive importance. Against this backdrop, rainy days invites the public to 22 events, which, through their formats and programs, enable, present and focalize encounters on the most diverse levels.

Each concert represents a specific position within the theme. In Catherine Kontz's Driwwer Drënner Drop (premiere), the audience takes a great live sound walk with 120 musicians between five and eighteen years of age. William Kentridge combines visual art, film, performance and music. À l'Instant (premiere) bears witness to the intense artistic relationship between Georges Aperghis and the musicians of L'Instant Donné. In Caravane, the pianist Gwen Rouger and a single listener meet. Ensemble Adapter is dedicated to solitude in digital worlds and Anthony Braxton transcends the boundaries between jazz and New Music.

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