Photo: Andoz Krishnadas


Contemporary Music at Europäische Wochen Passau

Passau, Germany


Since its founding in 1952 the Europäische Wochen Passau festival has been devoted to international understanding in Europe – this goal has become the fundamental idea behind the festival.
Reflecting this, the four young composers issued with composition commissions this year come from four different parts of Europe: Christian Mason comes from England, Jagoda Smytka from Poland, Pierre-Yves Macé from France and Brigitta Muntendorf from Germany. Each composer will be paired up with a pianist with whom they will enter into a creative partnership for the festival. This year’s annual motto for the works is Reine Geschmackssache (Purely a Matter of Taste) where the 2016 Europäische Wochen festival will examine issues like purity and “soiling” of music. The works are part of series of premieres An Europa that has been continued since 2012.
Amongst other things, the EvS Music Foundation is supporting the four composition commissions.


June 26, July 10 and August 7, 2016
Großer Rathaussaal, Passau

June 29, 2016
St. Matthäus, Passau

July 23/24, 2016
Stadttheater Passau


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