Photo: Ensemble Multilatérale


Festival [E]nsemble[S]

Ensemble Multilatérale, Paris, France

[E]nsemble[S] is a festival dedicated to the music of our time whose first edition will be held in 2020. The ensembles Cairn, Court-Circuit, Multilatérale, Sillages and 2e2m will pool resources and combine their strengths, vigor and ingenuity. Over three days each ensemble will present its own program featuring international composers of all generations and different styles. A sixth concert will bring all ensembles together in a chamber orchestra premiering two commissioned works by Noriko Baba and Théo Mérigeau.

All concert formats enable the audience to enter into an exchange with musicians and composers alike. [E]nsemble[S] lies outside the traditional codes of music and performance and celebrates the high quality of the performances, the wide range of aesthetic styles represented and the obvious political significance of the festival.


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