Photo: Franz Kimmel


GRENZEN/BORDERS – 16th aDevantgarde Festival

aDevantgarde e.V. Munich, Germany

Setting and crossing borders, stylistic boundaries, boundaries of perception, social and political boundaries, the individual delimitation of the artist.
Human perception is limited by the five senses. Acoustic events, for example, are perceptible from 12 HZ to 20,000 HZ varying between individuals. Depending on the nature of the sound and the listener’s cultural frame of reference, they are then categorized, delimited. One can transcend these limits physiologically or aesthetically. Human societies impose limits on themselves and their behavior. This sometimes creates identity. To the outside world, a society surrounds itself with boundaries whose level of permeability or fortification reflects their relationship with neighboring societies: emperors or presidents build walls in and around their societies, and refugees and people of lower social status overcome them. Contrasting with this is the dissolution of boundaries: inspiring in artistic or aesthetic terms, fatal in humanist terms.
Music defines minute, small and large phases and sequences through parametric delimitations. From this a style, a genre, aesthetics can emerge.
aDevantgarde is an association of composers, founded in 1991, which organizes a biennial festival. The 16th Festival in 2021 sees itself as a collective musical event accompanying listeners through different musical situations looking at boundaries from different perspectives.

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