Handwerk! Dessau


Impuls-Festival 2019: Handwerk! / Craftsmanship!

Netzwerk Impuls e. V. Dessau, Germany

Craftsmanship was an ever-present feature of the Dessau Bauhaus with its famous Bauhaus masters and their apprentices. The 2019 Impulse Festival for New Music aims to pass on their traditions by focusing on contemporary music as a “skilled craft” and bringing these traditions right up to the present day. Through this project, Impuls is supporting young composers, conductors, singers and instrumentalists giving them the tools of the trade in professional masterclasses at Bauhaus Dessau where they will be guided by “masters” in the truest Bauhaus sense. This will tie in with subsequent practical work in the form of rehearsals with the ensembles and orchestras leading to premieres and recordings by broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk during the festival. The “masters” in focus in 2019 are two very experienced but stylistically very different composers: Charlotte Seither and Jeffrey Ching. The master for young vocal soloists will be the vocal artist Salome Kammer. In the field of young conductors, the master classes will be held by the proven experts Manuel Nawri and Titus Engel. Impuls brings together the new Ensemble Tempus Konnex Leipzig, the Magdeburg Philharmonic, the Braunschweig State Orchestra, Staatskapelle Halle and Ensemble Linea Strasbourg for the major concert series HANDWERK! to be performed at the Bauhaus with guest appearances in Berlin, Magdeburg, Braunschweig, Strasbourg and Manila.

September 15, 2019
Domplatz Magdeburg, Germany

October 16, 2019
Georg-Friedrich-Händelhalle, Halle, Germany

October 17–30, 2019
Bauhaus Aula, Dessau, Germany

March 2020
Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines

July 2020
Theater Braunschweig, Germany

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