Photo: Peter Adamik


IMPULS-Festival 2021 – Vom Dazwischen

Netzwerk IMPULS, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

The one, the other, the own, the foreign and the in-between. The pandemic has placed culture in a kind of in-between state. Between being or not being, between analogue silence and digital pause, between pause for thought and reinvention, between global orientation and local focus. What happens when we specifically hone in on and toy with the in-between as an artistic field of action?

Vom Dazwischen is a project by IMPULS 21 that highlights the hiatus, the gap as an essential form of expression of artistic narration. Hybrid, transnational identities emerge from the encounter with other art forms, genres, techniques and perspectives. This year's program creates spaces for encounters and exchanges between different arts and generations. It explores the crossed paths and perspectives that meet, overlap or even contradict each other. IMPULS invites the audience to open up to new formats, new perspectives and new impulses in 10 cities in that flat space caught between center and periphery. The festival is made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

Due to the current situation and the associated conditions, there may be changes at short notice. For the latest information on the project please therefore check