International Shiraz Festival for Contemporary Music

ACIMC (Association of Iranian Contemporary Music Composers), Paris, France

Founded in Paris in 2012 the Association of Iranian Contemporary Music Composers (ACIMC) is organizing the Shiraz International Music Festival together with the Art and Culture Association Shahre Aftab. Supported by the EvS Music Foundation it is planned for Ensemble KNM, Ensemble Alternance, the Sonar Trio and the Pars Contemporary Orchestra to perform works by Iranian and European contemporary composers over five days, including eight premieres by Ehsan Khatibi, Arash Yazdani, Ashkan Behzadi, Arsalan Abedian, Ali Gorji, Mehdi Khayami, Iraj Sahbai und Jean-Luc Hervé. Furthermore, the festival has also issued five composition commissions for works to be performed using traditional Iranian instruments and by soloists from the Bamdad Ensemble. Another key part of the festival are workshops and master classes for young composers. Among others French composer Jean-Luc Hervé will teach analysis of contemporary music at the festival.


November 16–18, 2018
Maison de Norvège, Paris, France
Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe, Paris, France
Collège Franco-Britannique, Paris, France

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