Klangzeit 2018

Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Münster, Germany


Klangzeit is the biennial festival of the Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Münster whose theme in 2018 is "Spaces": when we think about the relationship between music and space the first thing that occurs to us are traditional concert halls. These serve (the performance of) music in very varied ways. Spectacular new buildings such as the Elbphilharmonie sometimes remain part of the public debate for decades. Just as there are musicians always in search of the ideal space and acoustics for their music there is also, for its part, music that relates to found spaces with special acoustics, as well as music that has a special reference to the historic, social or religious space. Beyond these architectural spaces music can always be located in the composers’ individual (conceptual) free space and in varied social resonance spaces. Recently these real, individual spaces in which music resides are joined by the virtual space which, for several years now, has been located within the concepts of augmented reality of current musical creativity.

Klangzeit 2018 opens up a great variety of artistic spaces and invites us to varied listening experiences: from the toy piano in the children’s room (Karlheinz Essl) and the factory halls of the Workers’ Union (Louis Andriessen) through to an improvisation concept within the urban space (Erhard Hirt). Current artistic positions of international importance are carefully related to one another and excitingly integrated into Münster’s urban sociotope.


May 24 – June 3, 2018
Different locations in Münster, Germany


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