Photo: Matthias Günter


Label Suisse

Association Label Suisse, Lausanne, Switzerland

Exploration, diversity, accessibility and quality have been the core values of Label Suisse since its creation in 2004 with the festival hosting musicians in Lausanne every two years.

At the 2020 edition, the program will bring together contemporary music alongside jazz, new folk music and pop-rock. A commissioned work by Antoine Chessex for grand organ, chest organ and Hammond organ will be premiered at the Church of St François. A new version of VonRollTwist4 by Cod.Act (André and Michel Décosterd) for six loudspeakers and performers will also be staged. In addition to a performance by the percussionists Camille Emaille and Julian Sartorius and compositions by Isabel Mundry, Rudolf Kelterborn, Steve Reich, Wolfgang Heiniger, Nadir Vassena and Nemanja Radivojevic, this year's festival will particularly focus on works by Beethoven.

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