less is more – rainy days 2019

Philharmonie Luxembourg, Luxembourg

By founding the rainy days festival in 2005, Philharmonie Luxembourg helped promote the idea that contemporary music deserves a permanent place in an institution such as this. Since then, the festival has returned every year with a new theme – this year: less is more. Under this motif-like title, the festival organizers aim to explore the most diverse facets of reduction. The idea is questioned as both an aesthetic and a socio-political phenomenon.

In 19 events – with a total of eight world premieres – different stances will be presented in this thematic field. In his new concerto for sound generators and orchestra, Georg Friedrich Haas allows the maximum to be minimal (premiere, Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg/Volkov/Sietzen). Enno Poppe and Fabien Lévy will concentrate on the keyboard duo of piano and accordion (premiere, Florian & Anne-Maria Hölscher). The Orchestre national de Metz will combine music by Clara Iannotta and Franck Bedrossian with historical reduction by Maurice Ravel and Joseph Haydn. Klangforum Wien will make bold political statements. Ensemble intercontemporain will present the first collaborative piece by Gerhard Richter and Steve Reich. Manos Tsangaris will develop Abstract Pieces with few theatrical means.

Traditionally, the festival tries to open itself up to different audiences, to both experienced and inexperienced listeners. The festival wishes to be a space of exchange and integration – at the highest musical level.

November 22, 2019
Grand Théâtre Luxembourg

November 24, 29 and 30, 2019
Philharmonie Luxembourg

November 29, 2019
Salle Robert Krieps, Abbaye neimenster

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