Musica Festival 2019

Festival Musica, Strasbourg, France

Since the Musica Festival was founded in 1982 it is deeply dedicated to musical creation. This year’s edition explores the body as medium – an idea that became the leading theme of the 2019 festival. Exploring the body at the intersection of being an interactive space with porous boundaries and a constant weight. A special focus is on what musician make of the challenges that come with bodies. They are assigned to make their bodies resonate with the world. Not only is the variety of musical practice apparently infinite, but each musician forges a unique relationship with the otherness of their instrument. The musician experiences the instrument variously as an inert object, a tool, a prosthesis, or even perhaps as a foreign body with a life of its own that is speaking and giving answers. Considered that way, music can be seen as the product of a joint research between two bodies. But a third party must join in before the magic can truly happen. The body that completes the triangle is the one of the listener. This final body is the recipient of the synthesis. It hears the music not only with its ears, but also with its eyes, heart, brain, feet and other extremities. And sometimes even together with other bodies.

September 20 – October 5, 2019
Strasbourg, France

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