music@villaromana – 10th Edition: Memorie in Eco

Villa Romana, Florence, Italy

Just ten minutes from Florence city center, Villa Romana combines the tranquility of a neoclassical country villa with the urban reality of a large city. For the anniversary edition of music@villaromana, contemporary music and electronic performances will be brought together and juxtaposed with visual arts and literature. The focus of the festival is the commissioned pocket opera by Keiko Devaux.
As "Composer-in-Residence", the French-Canadian artist will be designing an electronic sound performance through Villa Romana leading the audience to hidden echo zones. Echoic Memories, the suggestive title of the opera, creates new spatial parameters opening up an unusual listening experience.
Featuring Italian and international artists, Memorie in Eco will be a great musical festival reviving the memories of past editions of the festival.
The EvS Music Foundation is funding the 10th edition of music@villaromana.

June 7 – September 15, 2019
Villa Romana, Florence, Italy

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