Foto: Gregor Hohenberg


music@villaromana | Timeless Polyphonies / Spaceless Polyphonies

Villa Romana e.V., Florence, Italy


Classical (contemporary) music, electronics, improvisation, figurative art, oral narration – the ninth edition of music@villaromana "Timeless Polyphonies/Spaceless Polyphonies" has again set itself the goal of bringing together musical languages considered very far apart with the help of top-notch artists. The theme chosen by Francesco Dillon and Emanuele Torquati deals with the reciprocal polyphonies that are timeless and space-less, so to speak, but are rich in unisons and references to worlds that are stylistically and temporally very distanced from each other.

The focus of the festival also lies on the Austrian Thomas Larcher who will be in Italy for the first time as both a composer and pianist. His works will be placed in a dialog with essential later works by Franz Liszt. A core work of “Spaceless Polyphonies” in September will be the new pocket opera entitled Occhi, un tempo mia vita by the Japanese composer Noriko Baba. Her composition is inspired by the first madrigal book by the Roman Baroque composer and violinist Michelangelo Rossi (1601–1656) that was only published in 2002. An electronic set by Tujiko Noriko and other premieres will await the audience who will have the chance to discover new acoustic and intellectual horizons in close contact with the artists during the festival.


June 15 & 16, 2018
September 15 & 16, 2018
Villa Romana, Florence, Italy


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