Nørgård in New York – A Multi-Concert Festival celebrating the Music of Per Nørgård

Astoria Music Society, New York, USA

Per Nørgård is one of the world’s greatest living composers, with a vast and diverse catalogue spanning decades, and comprising one of the most important bodies of work of the 20th and 21st centuries. Despite this, his music is almost entirely absent from American concert halls. Nørgård’s music is virtually unknown in the United States, where he does not enjoy the reputation or awareness that he receives throughout the rest of the world. Lost Dog New Music Ensemble (LDNME) and the Momenta String Quartet propose to change this, with a concert festival in New York City, surveying the entirety of Nørgård’s career.

The festival will include three concerts; a program of solo and small chamber works, to be performed by the LDNME and guest artists; a string quartet program performed by the Momenta Quartet; and a large ensemble/sinfonietta program performed by the LDNME and guests. These concerts will feature New York City’s top musicians.

Other planned activities include talks, masterclasses by festival musicians at NYC Music Conservatories, an exhibition of manuscripts, and meals and receptions catered by the new Danish restaurants Tørst and Luksus, tying into Copenhagen’s emerging reputation as a culinary capital of the world. The Danish Consulate will also be hosting a kick-off event at the Danish Residence in New York City.

The goal of this festival, which is supported by the EvS Music Foundation, is twofold: to showcase the stunning brilliance, beauty and depth of Nørgård’s music to New York City and North American audiences and to introduce New York City’s musicians to Nørgård’s music in an immersive way that will build a foundation for future programming for years to come.


June 16-18, 2016
Scandinavia House, New York, USA

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