NOVALIS music + art festival 2017

Novalis Concept, Zagreb, Croatia


NOVALIS music + art is a festival lasting several days focusing on contemporary music and affiliated art forms. Croatia’s culturally historic cities of Zagreb and Zadar form the backdrop to the festival featuring works by international artists as part of workshops, concerts and installations. In 2017 the focus of the festival, supported by the EvS Music Foundation, lies on contemporary chamber music and conveying knowledge. Ensembles like Trio Catch, Pre-Art Soloist or Schallfeld Ensemble will debut works by Marko Ciciliani, Sara Glojnarić, Mithatcan Öcal and Anna Arkushyn. Furthermore, pieces like Chrysanthemum by Vito Žuraj, The people here go mad. They blame the wind. by Clara Iannotta and Marton Illés’ Rajzok III will be performed. The three composers will be in personal attendance at the festival to coach students and up-and-coming talents in individual discussions and to help with questions about the compositions, the development of networks and other topics.



Plesni Centar, Zagreb



St. Nicholas Church, Zadar



Rector's Palace, Zadar



Student Center, Zagreb



Hrvatsko Društvo Skladatelja (Croatian Composers’ Society), Zagreb


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