Photo: Haize Lizarazu


Phonos Fall Festival

Phonos Fundació Privada, Barcelona, Spain

The Phonos Fall Festival brings together all composers, musicians and artists whose programs it has not been possible to perform due to the corona pandemic.
Phonos artist-in-residence Marc Vilanova opens the festival with a sound sculpture. Music by Pablo Sanz, Pablo Fredes, Tristan Perich, Elena Rykova, Benjamin de la Fuente, Artur Clay, Haize Lizarazu, Tatiana Gerasimenok, Nad Spiro and DJ Shak will be featured. Immersive live installations, interactive and participatory performances, multimedia compositions and forms of music theater will be presented in the first edition of the festival. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is facilitating the 2020 Phonos Fall Festival.

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