Photo: Damir Žižić


Showroom of Contemporary Sound

Student Centre Zagreb, Croatia


Showroom of Contemporary Sound (Izlog Suvremenog Zvuka) is an international festival that provides a platform where contemporary artists can showcase their work and increase opportunities to connect and share their experiences with fellow musicians. Taking place in Zagreb from May 2–5, 2018, the program of 2018 includes concerts, audiovisual performances, inter- and multimedia projects, spatial-sound and sound art works, workshops, lectures, presentations and artist talks. The showroom takes on an exploratory character; it initiates, motivates, produces, presents, promotes and openly discusses music of today within our cultural and social context. It insists on an open approach to contemporary music, sincerely, vigorously and actively participating in the development of the scene, as well as on international visibility. The program for 2018 includes: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Thomas Wagensommerrer, Peter Kutin, Nick Collins, Moor Mother, Simon Løffler, Fraction (Eric Raynaud), Maotik (Mathieu Le Sourd), Zwerm, Robertina Šebjanič, Daichi Yoshikawa, Gábor Lázár, Ches Smith, Adam Donovan, Ensemble Adapter, Biosphere and others besides. This annual spring gathering is primarily aimed at exploration, process and development, giving preference to the music scene and community rather than merely following rules of the music industry.


May 2–5, 2018
Theatre &TD Zagreb, Croatia
MM Centre, Zagreb, Croatia
French Pavilion, Zagreb, Croatia


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