SPOR festival 2016

SPOR festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

“WYSI(N)WYG” – What You See Is (Not) What You Get – at the 2016 SPOR festival everything revolves around (virtual) reality, the relationship between analog and digital life, identities on the Internet and social life as opposed to the social media. These themes run through the musical program and the different artists’ presentations featuring sound, video, performance and installations.
After the role of guest curators mainly being held by composers over the past few years, in 2016 Belgium’s Ensemble Nadar is to adopt this role. A climax to the festival is a concert in which the composer Michael Beil will present his new work “Bluff” – a stage presentation for ensemble with live video and sound. Through this performance and a presentation of older works, readings, artists’ discussions and also through his participation in the SPOR Jury for the “Call for Proposals 2016” competition Beil will, for the first time, be given wide exposure in Denmark.
Other composers like Martin Schüttler, Eva Reiter, Alexander Schubert, Stefan Prins, Jessie Marino and Dmitri Kourlianski will also take part in the festival making this an international platform for contemporary music in Aarhus.
Once again supported by the EvS Music Foundation, the 2016 SPOR festival serves as a meeting point for musicians, musicologists, composers and authors. These pick up on topical themes of our lives in 2016 and explore how the original form of dialog now meets new digital communication making it difficult to draw a line between replication and reality. 


May 12 – 15, 2016
Godsbanen, Aarhus, Denmark

May 12 – 15, 2016
Granhøj Dans, Aarhus, Denmark

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