Photo: Ville Mattila


Tuning the Cosmos at Time of Music

Time of Music, Viitasaari, Finland

Every summer Finland hosts the Time of Music Festival and the Academy of Contemporary Music. Once again supported by the EvS Music Foundation, in 2016 the festival looks, amongst other things, to non-traditional instruments and the varied performance concepts arising from them.
For this an invitation has been extended to the Ensemble Musikfabrik with its extraordinary Harry Partch instruments. The ensemble will provide the festival’s opening concert and present pieces by Mauricio Sotelo and Rebecca Saunders. This will be the first time for Partch instruments to be used in Finland. Mauricio Sotelo will teach the students composition as a guest composer and will also hold the key vote in the Einojuhani Rautavaara Competition organized by the Helsinki Chamber Choir.
Time of Music has commissioned the widely acclaimed Finnish composer Sampo Haapamäki with a piece for Ensemble Musikfabrik and its Partch instruments. Further new works will be performed by Simon Steen-Andersen and Helge Sten.
Music will be presented as part of the festival as an installation, instruments as objects and art works in themselves – exciting themes that have only rarely been explored in Finland until now.


July 5, 2016
Viitasaari Church

July 6/7, 2016
Viitasaari Arena

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