Photo: Anna Katharina Scheidegger


ZeitRäume Basel – Biennale für neue Musik und Architektur / Biennale for New Music and Architecture 2019

Verein ZeitRäume Basel, Switzerland

Basel is renowned internationally as a city of architecture boasting a long tradition in the field of New Music. ZeitRäume Basel – Biennale for New Music and Architecture has been bringing these two fields together since 2015: The innovative festival promotes the discovery and development of the exciting interplay of New Music and architecture at numerous locations and in diverse formats and contexts. With its reflection on music and architecture (publications, discussions, lectures and a variety of education/appreciation activities), the festival also aims to make a lasting impact on the region and beyond.

In 2019 ZeitRäume Basel focuses on social spaces and temporary communities: How formative is that moment of shared experience – of sitting quietly within the familiar concert ritual, of strolling together during an audio walking tour, of swimming in the same river (the Rhine) – on music and its perceived significance in today‘s society? How does the relationship between people and (urban) spaces change, to what extent is architecture defined or transformed by its creative use? Ultimately, all these questions tie into one single question that is as banal as it is complex: What is it that brings people together in today’s society around architecture, music, art, culture? ZeitRäume 2019 looks into these questions using productions that enable encounters with music in the public space, explore new spaces for orchestra and string quartet and offer visible, innovative connections between music and architecture. ZeitRäume Basel 2019 is a festival where new perspectives can be discovered within the broad realm of artistic creation caught between New Music and architecture.

September 13 – September 22, 2019
Various venues in and around Basel, Switzerland

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