Art as a Reflection of Real, Virtual and Imaginary Worlds: On Olga Neuwirth’s Artistic Creativity

Kunstuniversität Graz/University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria


Styrian composer Olga Neuwirth is celebrating her 50th birthday. To mark this occasion a musicological symposium is to be held on the topic of “Art as a Reflection of Real, Virtual and Imaginary Worlds: On Olga Neuwirth’s Artistic Creativity” which is the first time her complete work has been honored from an artistic and musicological perspective. The symposium illuminates the composer’s complete works (opera, film, instrumental music, video etc.) in an interdisciplinary way: specialists in theater, literature and musicology will talk about this topic in three sections. Section A deals with literary, philosophical, acoustic and visual perspectives and their interactions in Neuwirth’s oeuvre. Section B deals with aesthetic concepts and compositional structural elements. Section C is dedicated to the topic of “The Role of Art and the Female Artist in Society” and thereby focuses on current gender issues. The musicological talks and the content of the panel discussions tie in with the artistic presentation of the composer’s works while renowned performers from Klangforum Wien will collaborate with students from Kunstuniversität Graz. Furthermore, the university library will be presenting an exhibition featuring material from the composer’s work already left to the Graz institution on the basis of which her future research perspectives are to be discussed. The event is to be documented in book form and on CD.


June 9–10, 2018
Aula/Auditorium, Kunstuniversität Graz, Austria


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