Photo: Pfau-Verlag

Erwin Schulhoff – Annotated Correspondence

Pfau-Verlag, Friedberg, Germany

The compositions of Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942) play an important role in the history of music, yet they have received little attention and are scarcely known to the public. Erwin Schulhoff's correspondence, especially between 1918 and 1931, can be seen as a mirror of the 1920s music scene, impressively recording numerous details regarding the functioning of publishing houses and institutions as well as their efforts to disseminate and establish works in the repertoire.

Publishing house Pfau-Verlag has therefore now produced a systematic-chronological publication featuring all accessible letters, postcards, telegrams and work appraisals from Erwin Schulhoff's extensive correspondence. Today, the documents are part of his estate, they can be viewed publicly in the publisher's archives or are in accessible private possession. In particular, the edition includes correspondence with Universal Edition, Schott and other publishers. Written correspondence with numerous 1920s composers and musicians, such as Wilhelm Furtwängler, Erich Kleiber, Alfredo Casella, Paul Hindemith and Walter Gieseking, has also been included. This edition of the documents published by the musicologist and private tutor Dr. Michael Kube and financed by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is complete and unabridged. In addition, each document is accompanied by explanatory notes, references and, where necessary, further comments in order to provide a detailed context.

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