Photo: Uwe Winkler


HighTech = HighHumanism?

AuditivVokal Dresden, Germany

With the initial question HighTech = HighHumanism? AuditivVokal sees the crisis as a creative opportunity, reacting to it by contemplating virtual communication, creativity and the opportunity to practice, convey and reflect music in extraordinary formats. The ensemble seeks new forms of communal artistic forms of work and presentations exploring how digitalization is an issue for art.
Should the system of Helmut Lachenmann’s aesthetic categories – according to which New Music has defined itself until now – be reconfigured? How can aesthetic interfaces between man and computer be conceived and designed within the musical sphere – departing from the recorded voice by mobile phone through to applications for multi-model interactions of future technical systems? Thematically speaking, technical questions overlap here just as do aesthetic, sociological, psychological and philosophical ones, obviously as well as the issue of the music of the future.
Discussion events featuring Helmut Lachenmann, Prof. Dr. Georg Freitag, Prof. Dr. Jörn Peter Hiekel and Prof. Yuval Shaked will be held here alongside experimental digital lecture performances, a workshop and a concert in both live and digital form. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is facilitating the AuditivVokal symposium.

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