Instrumentarium in New Music

DIE TONKUNST e.V., Weimar, Germany

The association DIE TONKUNST e.V. is devoted to the fostering and appreciation of classical music and musicological research. This aim of the association is pursued in particular by the quarterly publication of the members’ journal DIE TONKUNST. Furthermore, the association also issues honorary activities to students of the subject and conveys in this way valuable experiences for later professional practice.

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is supporting the publication of the themed edition to appear in July 2015 entitled “Instrumentarium in der neuen Musik”. Here DIE TONKUNST has focused on a highly topical theme since the possibilities of sound generation have significantly broadened now compared to the 19th and 20th centuries. Different contributions from authors active in the academic and artistic fields – and in some cases both – provide an overview of the varied way composers deal with the topic of instrumentation and sound including here traditional and unusual ways of approaching the issue as well as a focus on a historic, non-European, electronic and virtual instrumentarium. Here the aesthetic premises and consequences of each instrumental treatment are reflected, in particular also with respect to the use of the computer. Furthermore, the composers are questioned about the importance of instrumentation in their practical teaching.


July 2015
Germany, Switzerland, Austria


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