Schichten. Portrait Concert and Symposium on Michael Hirsch

Leaving this world in 2017 composer Michael Hirsch combined chamber music with experimental music theater, everyday sounds with opera, stage gesture with sound poetry and sound texture as coexisting layers. Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin – UdK) wishes to initiate an interdisciplinary dialog featuring a concert and subsequent symposium with guests from musicology and the arts about and through the medium of Hirsch’s music – in a project supported by the EvS Music Foundation. The UdK’s Ilinx-Ensemble will organize the concert evening with a representative selection of Michael Hirsch’s compositions, juxtaposed with three compositions from the composition classes at the UdK. Christian Kesten and Ariane Jeßulat, who have collaborated for many years with Michael Hirsch in the Die Maulwerker ensemble working on several of his works, will join forces here with Leah Muir, Artistic Director of Ilinx-Ensemble, and other lecturers at the UdK from the fields of composition, experimental music and rhythm in order to work with students using various teaching formats and to also prepare the concert in this context.

Invited to the symposium are speakers from the fields of musicology, theater studies and sound studies, as well as different areas of music (composition, performance, dramaturgy, direction and publishing). Contributions are planned from Barbara Gronau, Roland Quitt, Matthias Rebstock, Clemens Risi, Christa Brüstle, Volker Straebel, Christian Kesten, Ariane Jeßulat, Wolfgang Heiniger, Juliane Klein and Matthias Lehmann.

May 27 – 29, 2018
Universität der Künste Berlin

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