Integrative Approaches to Contemporary Intercultural Music: Turkey, Italy, Germany

Orient Institute Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Germany – Italy – Turkey – these three countries, and the exploration by contemporary western music of traditional, non-western, particularly Near-Eastern music, are the topic of a two-day international conference in Rome.
The concept of the event supported by the EvS Music Foundation arose under the musicological guidance of the Orient Institute Istanbul (OII) through the cooperation of three research projects: namely the research project “Post-Traditional Music in Turkey” at the OII, of the research field “Mediterranean” in the Music History Department of the German Historical Institute in Rome and the artistic and musicological research project “Beyond East and West: Developing and Documenting and Evolving Transcultural Practice” of Istanbul’s Hezarfen Ensemble with the University of Bristol.
At the conference, lectures will be dedicated to an exploration of traditional Arabic, East Asian and Indonesian music from a comparative perspective. The following discussion forums will examine aesthetic and technical musical questions of intercultural contemporary music as well as experiences of the sponsorship possibilities of intercultural encounters.
Another theme explored are communication problems between western composers and traditional musicians of other cultures who are mostly unused to notation and detailed rehearsals according to the western patterns.
Two concerts will also form part of the event: a chamber concert featuring contemporary music on the traditional Turkish baglamas lute as well as a larger one featuring Istanbul’s Hezarfen Ensemble and guest musicians on Turkish instruments.


March 18/19, 2016
Large Lecture Hall, German Historic Institute, Rome

March 19, 2016
Sala Casella, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Rome

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